Tidal for All?

Twitter exploded yesterday after the release of Tidal, a High Definition streaming service. 

The advertisement reads,” Get more with your music: exclusive new releases, playlists and videos. Starting at $9.99. Only on TIDAL.com. #TIDALforALL 

 Young adults everywhere had something to say about Jay-Z’s new launched project with popular music artists, Beyonce, Kanye West, Madonna, Usher, Daft Punk, Alicia Keys, J. Cole and others. Sixteen of the celebrities own 3% of the company while Jay-Z owns the company.

 I believe on the part of the celebrites it’s a step forward for them and a milestone for artists to own and control their business ventures. For college students like myself I don’t believe that we would be willing to sacrifice at least $120 a year to pay to stream music/videos. 

Being real here, all the customer is paying for is no ads. Just like Pandora, Spotify, Youtube upgrades they always advertise no ads.So I just don’t see why Tidal would benefit me. Plus most people my age find a way to get around buying music.

Let me Know what you think!


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