Recap: The Past Week

Hello everyone, for the past week I have been sick with a virus that has been going around campus. I was hospitalized and now I am fully recovered! Being sick is the worst it slows you down. Luckily Twitter doesn’t, slow down so I stayed updated on the Pop Culture news!

This Week Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for the 2016 presidency. Frank Ocean announced his next album, Boys Don’t CrySpike Lee is working with Kanye West to produce his new film Chiraq. Rapper, Nelly was busted by state troopers for crystal meth, marijuana and guns on his tour bus right after his concert in Tennessee. The U.S. Capitol was on lock down after shots were fired; the gun man shot himself. Jodi Arias was sentenced to life in prison and the Boston bomber was convicted on all 30 counts of terrorism.

Lastly, on a good note Tyler, the Creator released Cherry Bomb after releasing the music video to Fucking Young and performing at Coachella. I will be posting a initial review of Cherry Bomb soon!

Thank you all!


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