How To Save Up For Concerts

Recently I purchased two tickets for me and my friend to attend Drake’s Jungle Tour in a few weeks. As you know concerts are not cheap and being in college money is hard to come by.

I personally work on campus and I do spend money but I try to save it. I knew this concert was coming up and I wanted to go so here are some tips on how to save up for a concert.

1. Know when the concert tickets go on sale because usually the tickets go on sale before the  concert

2. Get a job, or babysit, dont just beg your parents for money they are already putting you through college everything else you can do one your own

3.  SAVE,SAVE,SAVE this is the key to life

4. Know your limits on how much you CAN spend

5. Cut out unnecessary spending, like Starbucks everyday, Forever 21 shopping sprees you can wait

6. Go with a friend

7. The earlier you order them the better seats at the price you can afford


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