RHOA Reunion Initial Review

I have to admit I was running very late to watch this reunion of the Atlanta ladies. I basically missed 45 minutes of this reunion but from the bit that I did see and clips of it online I can piece together an initial review of the show.

Right from the start the shadiness of the show came from Andy! He asked the ladies who they were wearing because Kenya’s dress looks like a bootleg version of Beyonce’s, Michael Costello dress designed for her for the Grammy’s. The internet had been buzzing about it before the reunion even aired.

Claudia, the newest member acts like she wants to be peace maker and being the ladies together but she always wants to throw shade a Porsha and Nene. So it’s like are you trying so hard that you contradict yourself to make a name for yourself on the show or you just don’t care. Her storyline this season has only been her radio position on Rickey Smiley Morning Show, her cat Shelly, and Nene and Porsha. What else do you do Claudia?

Cynthia confronts Porsha about the cheating allegations she made about Peter to Phaedra about him cheating all over Atlanta. It’s quite boring and makes no sense. Cynthia was telling everyone about the allegations Apollo made about Phaedra so why is she so upset that Porsha told one person out of the whole group? The part we all know for sure is that Peter cannot keep a business for more than 5 years without having some money trouble and burning up Cynthia’s credit.

Kandi and Nene go at it when Nene was explaining how she has been there for Phaedra going through this turbulent time with Apollo. The Kandi throw the bomb, not so bomb, about Nene stabbing Cynthia in the back. Like girl, we are not surprised plus their friendship is dead and gone. Old news not so old.

Of course Kenya and Pheadra go back and forth about the “whore” calling between them. I just don’t understand why Kenya does not understand why Phaedra doesn’t forgive her. I guarantee if Kenya was married for 5 years with two kids she would feel the exact same way.

Lastly, Nene, excuse me Nay Nay goes off on Kenya, for justifying her actions with Apollo,  for saying that she has flirted with Peter. She shouldn’t have done that!

Stay tuned for my Full Review of RHOA Reunion Part I!


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