Race, Religion, Guns

The most historic church in the nations history.


Yesterday was a terrible day in Charleston. 9 people were killed while at church. The church was Emanuel AME Church. This is the oldest AME church in the United States. Denmark Vesey, leader of a slave uprising, was a founding member. It was burned to the ground shortly afterwards. The congregation had to meet in secret as black churches were banned, until after the civil war. The church has a long history of influential politicians who have been active in the congregation. Many black leaders have spoken at the church, including Dr King. The church supported the hospital workers right to unionize, even during threats of violence.

It is against this historical, social, and political background that an armed, young, white man came into the church and murdered 9 people. This was a hate crime, just days after another hate crime (the murder of Walter Scott) was committed in North…

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