The Significance of Black Churches: Why it has Always Been a Target of Terrorism and White Supremacy 

In the wake of the Mother, Emanuel AME Church shooting in Charleston,SC we as black people have to understand the significance of this horrific crime and protect ourselves from further injustice.
Among the victims Senator Clementa Pinckney and pastor of the church. Pinckney was a incredible force in the Charleston community and a man of God. He leaves behind a wife and two young children.

As this story unfolds the history of black churches in America has been one of power and hatred. The black church is a place of worship, fellowship, political and civil rights movement. Black churches have been a prominent target of white supremacist groups. Many people in the media want to know why. Why is this happening and its obvious why.

Emanuel AME was significant in the planning of the 1822 slave rebellion led by Denmark Vesey which falls on the same date of this shooting. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke at the church in 1962 as well as Booker T. Washington. Through out civil rights and injustice the church has always been a rock for the black movement.

Out of the black church leaders were made, ideas came to life and woke black people up because no where else they would get the word that a bombing of another church happened or that a black man was hung that night. That’s why historically black people stayed in the church on Wednesday night bible study and Sunday school ect.

When black leaders came to town they met people in the church. They spoke at the church. They served at the church. The significance of Senator Pinckney being a preacher and a community leader is the reason why politicians come to black churches and why voting is held a churches.

The significance of black people gathering together sharing ideas staying awake and knowing what’s going on in our community is the reason why the black church will forever be a threat.


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