A Night of Enlightment

Hi all, last night I attended an event at my school on Black History before slavery, and about ancient Egypt. It was a night that I will always remember. I learned so many interesting things about ancient Egypt and the accomplishments that ancient Africans made.

I was introduced to various books by Dr. Claud Anderson, Chancellor Williams and so forth, on ancient African civilizations. It is truly amazing when we study history especially black history before slavery because we never learn this topic in elementary education. Most of this information you have to go out and research it; which can be a good or bad thing. It’s good to research and find new information but on the other hand it’s frustrating to students and teachers because there isn’t  a curriculum to cover African history. When I was in 3rd grade the first history I ever learned about black people was about slavery; it wasn’t until college I learned about African History from a professor and not just the research I did on my own. What I liked about this particular speaker is that he not only talked about the Egyptians but he talked about other African kingdoms and civilizations.

The next post I will put up is the event itself and the interviews I conducted with the students who attended this event.


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