Need More Traffic to Your Website? Here are some Basic Examples of How to Promote Your Website


Before we begin, make sure your website is operating and doing what it’s intentional job is supposed to do. If not please refer to my last post on Tips & Tricks of Internet Marketing and specifically read the Web Performance section.

Once that is established let’s dive into the different mediums in which your website can be promoted. Whatever medium/mediums (you should be using all of them) you use it is important to direct them back to your website. After all this is how you will promote your website. Some of this will be trial and error if you don’t know what mediums your target market is using. Search Engine Optimization for your website will be a breeze because attaching your brand name to every medium you use will make promoting your website come naturally.

The different mediums you can promote your website through are Social Media Platforms, viral marketing, word of mouth, apparel, and SEO.

Social Media is the most essential tool you can use because its free marketing. It only takes seconds to post information about your brand and allow it to be accessible to people all over the world. The key with Social Media is to keep posting. Consistently. The marketing never stops with Social Media and your target audience will pick up on it too.

Viral marketing is great when it happens but it takes a longtime to get there and a lot of hard work. The key here is consistently posting and creating something that people are going to remember to share with their friends. If it does happen ride that wave. Use it to your advantage but also don’t forget to convert those acquisitioners to value customers.

Word of mouth is the oldest tick in the book and probably the most overlooked in today’s digital marketing age. I believe that it’s one thing for people to share something on the Internet but another if they tell their mother about it. Build your brand image up to a point where you are building a customer base on and offline.

Apparel, I have seen this trend with a lot of brands that want to gain customers offline but bring them to the website. They may use their brand logo and design t-shirts or hats to represent their company and if it looks interesting enough people are going to want to check it out. Maybe even wear your brand because of the look and that’s just more web promotion right?

One example of a company/brand who I think does a great job of web promotion is the radio show, Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club. The first time I learned about TBK is through their Youtube Channel(medium). The Breakfast Club is located in New York but can be heard just about all over the world through Youtube, iHeartRadio, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Revolt Television. All of the radio hosts, DJ Envy, Angela Yee, and Charlemagne Tha God, have their own social media accounts that they use frequently to interact with their audience. The Breakfast Club has their own logo and introduction. Their personalities caught my attention as well as the interviews and topics they were discussing. The Breakfast Club constantly produces content and promotes it back to their Youtube channel and radio show therefore people tune in. I myself have turned from an aquisitioner to a valued customer just by having access to them through Youtube, iHeartRadio, and Twitter.


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