Here’s Why Email Marketing is Not a Waste of Time

E-mail marketing flat illustrationEmail marketing is more cost effective than direct marketing because it’s paperless. Email Marketing opens you up to your audience’s customer database. You can directly target your target market through data mining.

Email Marketing helps you analyze hard bounces (emails sent to invalid addresses), open rates (number of emails opened), and soft bounces (email could not be delivered at the particular time). Emails can also be personalized and customized for more customer retention.

The rule of thumb is to always ask for permission from the targeted audience. Opt-In or Opt-out is a necessity to have. Cultivating good lists can reduce the bounce rates and help you target your audience. Keeping the emails short, compelled with visual aids, and color will entice the viewer to open the emails. Include a “open in browser” link just in case the email does not load quickly.

The subject and sender are the most important because this is how they will know who the email was sent from and what it is about. Include a catchy subject line and make sure the viewer knows it’s you who sent them. This will greatly reduce your chances of getting pushed into Spam.

Many network companies will send users emails to keep them up to date with network shows and important headlines viewers should know about. I mentioned in my previous article, How to Design Your Website Like Oprah’s OWN, she email markets in the form of the OWN Newsletter where users Opt-In to receive emails. The main thing is to customize and data mine to target your clientele.

Cite: Roberts, M.L., & Zahay, Debra (2013). Internet Marketing Integrating Online & Offline Strategies. Mason, OH : South-Western Cengage Learning.


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