How Fox News Uses Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization is the process of designing a site and its content so that search engines find the site without being paid to do so. The goal is to improve visibility on search engines with organic searches.

Organic searches are the use of key words or phrases that will pop up websites by the most content for that word. Another element to SEO is Search Engine Algorithm, which displays the search engine’s best guess at which pages are most relevant to the user’s search engine.

The pros of SEO are that you can get a better response since majority of clicks will be organic, more return traffic, lower cost, long term solution, and brand recognition and loyalty. The cons of SEO are that results are not immediate, ranking is difficult to predict, initial time investment because it takes time for results to be displayed.

Another important thing for you to do when using SEO is to take advantage of keyword density; by using all of the keywords in your posts and throughout the website so the search engine can pick them up. Be careful not to use too many keywords because the search engine might rank or index the page incorrectly.

With Fox News they appear at the top of the search engine with other news networks. In Google if you type in “news”, Fox News appears number 1 underneath Google News. In the Bing Search Engine, Fox News appears number 2 underneath Bing News and Google News.

One reason for Fox’s high ranking is because it is one of the major news networks in the United States. On Fox’s website the main menu contains keywords like “Politics”, “U.S.”, “Entertainment”, and “Sports”. Fox News has produced thousands of content on these topics and they also include videos from their broadcast shows.

When you search “Trump” on Google Fox News comes up at the bottom of the first page. In Bing when you search “Trump” Fox News comes up on the second page. If you search “Clinton” in Google, Fox News comes up at the top of page 3. In Bing “Clinton” showed up too far back to count.

Fox gets a lot of hits or clicks due to their popularity and connection to its segment shows like the Kelly File and The O’Rilley Factor. Fox has mastered connection all channels to bring the user either to its website or television channel.

Cite: Roberts, M.L., & Zahay, Debra (2013). Internet Marketing Integrating Online & Offline Strategies. Mason, OH : South-Western Cengage Learning.


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