How Wendy Williams Uses Social Media for the Wendy Show


Social media is a tool used by businesses and consumers to create a community and establish a personal brand. The different social media tools you use depends on your target market and where your audience is heavily concentrated.

Wendy Williams has a interactive television show focused on celebrity news and gossip. She is very interactive with her audience. Wendy’s demographic is both the younger and older generation so she can create her online community.

Wendy Williams has her own website for Wendy, Wendy Instagram, and Twitter and Facebook. Wendy has over 2 million likes, on Instagram Wendy has over 500 thousand followers, and on Twitter Wendy has over 1 million followers.

Wendy uses these tools to interact online and ask her viewers questions about what they like about the show. On Twitter Wendy uses video to show her outfits, show clips of upcoming interviews, and Tweet about her opinion on current issues. enhanced-buzz-5713-1363136719-2

Wendy Williams uses the same name across all channels and uses the same logos across all channels. Wendy also uses Youtube to share her most popular segment “Hot Topics” and she also does behind the scenes videos. Wendy has almost 1 million subscribers on Youtube. Wendy has an upbeat and fun atmosphere on her television show. Her viewers are always excited to share their opinion via Twitter and the show even has its own hashtag to unite Wendy’s community. 11215816_10153753477037384_6949134967051861928_n

Social media marketing is not expensive and can be used to your advantage to gain feedback from customers quickly. Communicate what you want your viewers to know about you and your company. Engage with your audience, retweet and reply quickly, lastly collaborate with other influences in your area.

Cite: Roberts, M.L., & Zahay, Debra (2013). Internet Marketing Integrating Online & Offline Strategies. Mason, OH : South-Western Cengage Learning.


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