My Visuals

Here are some of the works I have done in my Multimedia Journalism class that I am most proud of. There are a variety of journalistic styles that can be used such as a written interview, podcast, and a video documentary. 

Jessica Cilella, Daily Herald Interview 

A Journalistic Profile: Jessica Cilella

By: Nadia Adams


“A good journalistic writer is some who can take really complicated issue and make it easy for anyone. A good journalist is someone who is a good story teller and someone who can pull at your heart strings”, says Jessica Cilella, a Daily Herald Staff Writer.

Jessica is a proud alum of Loyola University where she starting working at The Phoenix, a student-led newspaper, and eventually became news editor. In her sophomore year of college, she got involved with the Society of Professional Journalists organization on campus and she interned at WGN Radio. In her senior year she interned at the Red Eye after graduation and due to her previous internship with the Daily Herald she was hired by them shortly after her internship with the Red Eye was over.

Jessica has been working at the Daily Herald for 5 years. The stories she covers are in the city of Wheaton, Lombard, West Chicago, District 200, and a little of Chicago. When Jessica goes to press conferences or events she looks for what’s news worthy, what’s timely, and which quotes are the best to pull out. Jessica says the key to doing this is to be a careful listener.

“Majority of my interviews are over the phone” says Jessica. After she gathers all of her information for the story she will narrow it down and forward it to her editor. On the editing process she says she usually gets stuff cut out. Jessica says, “Editors want shorter stories because people have shorter attention spans”. She says with experience stories will be concise.

A lesson in “emptying the notebook”. Jessica’s editor had given her feedback about a story she had written last October about a group of senior citizens who got together every Friday to roller skate. Her editor said, “By emptying the notebook, I mean we let all of our subjects go off in about every direction, i.e. Ralph Taylor lamenting all the closed roller skating places.” The lesson is to not put everything you wrote in your notebook in the actual story.

On how the field of journalism has changed since she entered Jessica said, “I was in school during the recession and went from hearing about buzzing newsrooms at the beginning of college to being stunned at the number of layoffs that were reported at newspapers across the nation.”

She said about 10 to 15 years ago there were more reporters assigned to each town in Dupage county but now there are only 5. Jobs multiple people would do only 1 person would do them now which adds to the workload of reporters.

On the newspaper business she says, “Newspapers in particular have never recovered from the economic downturn and the loss of ad revenue that use to be our bread and butter prior to the Internet.” Jessica adds, “…we are trying to keep up with new technology and that means dedicating some time to Twitter, Facebook and the new thing, or the newest initiative at the company, whether that be making videos on our company-issued iPods, taking our own pictures for stories or trying out Snapchat and Periscope.”

With that being said Jessica says, “Overall, we’re trying to do a lot more, with less.”

The Nadia Adams Podcast Show


This was my first Podcast Show doing a segment of reviews on Bravo’s the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9.  Here’s the full length Podcast!

Prisco’s Family Market Documentary 

I am so proud of the work that was done in the documentary and also the Prisco family for allowing us to cover their history in the Aurora community. From editing to interviewing this was truly a fun collaborative experience.




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