The Female Protagonist and the Issue With Revenge


Most of the time when a female character is pursuing revenge it’s because a few things that were done to them like rape or some one that was close to them was killed and they become victims seeking revenge. That was the case for the Bride as her soon-to-be husband was killed and she was repeatedly raped as she was in a coma.

Another example of a female protagonist is the character Teresa Mendoza from La Reina Del Sur (2010), a television series on Telemundo. Teresa Mendoza is seeking revenge for sexual exploitation she experience at the mercy of her boyfriend’s killers. Teresa is portrayed as a victim in the beginning then regains her strength throughout the series. She takes on various male traits to climb to the top of the drug trade in Mexico and Europe.


Ultimately she chooses to leave her gang life after finding out she’s pregnant and decides to become a mother. Beatrix/The Bride tried to do the same thing. The female protagonist is viewed as deviant because they do things that other female characters don’t do like kill men, show little to no emotion, and gain power.






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